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icelandic-jewellery-sign-ingiThe jewellery from SIGN are reflecting Icelandic nature and mystic by form colours and texture

Sigurður Ingi Bjarnason
Designer and Goldsmith

Sigurður Ingi Bjarnason, or Ingi as he prefers to be called is born in 1970 and finished his goldsmith education in 1993. His master during his education had a shop in Iceland, were he used most of his time but after his education in 1993 he worked in Gullhöllinn.
Ingi was one of the owners in stores called Brillant. In 2004 Ingi sells out his part of the company and starts his own designer and goldsmith shop called Igull. In 2006 the name of the company was changed into SIGN.
Ingi comes from a family of designers and artists and is the leading designer and goldsmith at SIGN. Active imagination and the Icelandic nature are driving forces in his design. The skilful craftmanship makes it easy for Ingi to transform the power and variability of the Icelandic fire and ice nature into unique jewelry.

Lesa meira.....


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