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NEW PRODUCTS - Cooldesign

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About Cooldesign

What is cooldesign?
My name is Sigrún Einarsdóttir. The idea behind this web page is to give you a personal web store where you, the visitor, can read up on the products and learn about the story behind the making of them. Each and every item has its unique idea and story that inspired the making of it. I've spent a great deal of time developing the materials I use, to make sure nothing goes to waste. Another thing I try to use are lightweight materials to minimize the shipping costs. Last, but not least, all the items are handmade in Iceland. Many of the products are handmade by me personally. All of the above are a part of the "slow design" methodology. This approach; to think about our present and our past as well as being eco-friendly is a rapidly growing trend, especially in light of the turmoil in our global economy.

My education?
I graduated as a Graphic Designer from Parsons School of Design in Paris. After 20 years of working in that field I decided to spread my wings and explore the world of different design. I went back to school and studied Product Design at the Arts and Crafts Institute in Iceland, where I learned to design and work with wood, metal and plastic. The intricate part of knowing the materials you're working with is very important in the design process. I strive to find the most efficient way to use the materials so I'm able to make the prototypes myself.

Having studied both the practical and creative aspect of the design process as well as having worked as a graphic designer for 20 years (I also have a diploma from 2004 in tourism as a guide) I'm excited to take on this new journey with

How are my designs different from other Icelandic products?
The products are both uniquely Icelandic and International at the same time. They're diverse in the choice of materials, each item is light and relatively small, colorful and some filled with humor, plus they're eco-friendly. Some of my products are completely handmade (The Rockin' Bowl), others are assembled by hand.

What's in the name - cooldesign?
During Christmas break 2010 I was contemplating what name to use. I was looking for a name that was international, yet a word we use on a daily basis. I finally ended up with the word "cool". It's a little play on word and meaning, both for my Icelandic and International customers.

Cool design, great design, different design. Cool – like Iceland is in a different sense.

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